Friday, May 13, 2011

Moving Day!

Moving day actually went very smoothly. Everything is now in the new house with the exception of a few items that we need to take apart in order to get them out of the apartment, those will be moved this weekend. :) Rooms are starting to take shape! I unpacked the kitchen yesterday and started on the bedroom. I got tired super fast though so I gave up after a bit. Today I am thinking I will tackle the rest of the bedroom and start on the nursery. There isnt much to do in there yet because we dont have any furniture, but I am hoping to get some things organized so that I can start doing something with the walls. I am not sure if I want to paint or not, but I think the room looks kind of boring without some sort of motif.

Elvis and Bella are adjusting well to their new home, and have taken a great liking to the yard. Both of them slept in the sun on the patio yesterday, so cute! So far the neighbors are ok. No complaints yet. (except maybe the guy next door who's front drive looks like a swap meet...) I really can't judge anyone though because my yard looks like hell. The owner basically stopped taking care of everything when we went under contract, so now there are waist high weeds everywhere. Going to have to get out there and take care of those soon because they are driving me insane!

Other than that, we are just figuring out how to adjust to the new drives to work. I was about 35 minutes early this am, which is no doubt better than being late, but still.

Hopefully I can get some pictures up soon of the house, I am just reluctant to put pictures up before the house is in order. You know me and my OCD...

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