Thursday, October 6, 2011

Austin's 100 Day Korean Celebration - September 18th, 2011

In the Korean culture, they celebrate a baby's 100th day like we would celebrate a yearly birthday. Because Austin is 1/4 Korean, we decided this would be a fun tradition to uphold to honor that heritage.

A Little about the 100 Day celebration:

Baek-il (100-day Celebration)
Similar to the Tol, the Baek-il event has 2 aspects. First, family members give thanks to Samsin (the three gods who take care of the baby's life while growing up). Second, they pray for jae-ak (wealth), longevity, and cho-bok (original luck). The food differed from the extensive table prepared for the Tol, mostly comprising 4 types of Korean foods: baekseogi (for longevity, representing cleanliness and freshness), susupo-ttteok (to prohibit bad things), injeolmi (for patience), and songpyeon (for thought).

Now, in our family we did things a little different. We had a couple of traditional foods made by Chris' mom, but we decided that to make it more "us" and more about our friends and family we would serve foods that we like. Chris' dad made tons, and it seriously could be measured in tons, of meat. It was all soooo good. Chris' mom made lots of Korean dishes, but the favorite was the teriaki style steak. Lupe, Chris' step mom made some of the best tortillas I have every had! My mom made her famous potato salad as well. Everything turned out so good!

In traditional Team Sapp style, there was a lot of beer and the party got going outside with our friends.
Inside, the family mostly sat around and talked. There was lots of good conversation and good times showing off Austin and letting everyone cuddle him. Tia Brenda got to meet Austin for the first time, and he is smitten!

We took Austin's hand print in plaster to commemorate the day as well. It was so fun trying to get the right impression in the plaster, and is a lot harder to do with a 3 month old than you think.

All in all, the party went well and everyone had a great time. I am so thankful that we have such a great support system for Austin to grow up in. Being surrounded by people that you love and that you know love you and your child is one of the best feelings in the world. Thank you family and friends for giving us that support system and for all that you do for us. It does not go unnoticed and we are so grateful to have you in our lives.

Everyone hangin' out eating the yum yums

Uncle Paden is probably about a six pack in at this point, but we love him nonetheless.

Colleen is baking John! We can't wait to meet him!

Papa John, chillin' in the back yard.

Kelsey posing for a picture. :)

Michael and Sam grubbin' outside!

Doin' the Hand Print to commemorate Austin's 100 days!

Nana "Wupe" and Austin

Hello Handsome Boy!

All done and decorated! (might end up painting it in later because we couldn't get a very deep impression.)

All of our friends outside.

xoxo Tia Brenda and Austin xoxo

Papa Steve, Nana Lupe and Grandma Becky

Grandma Moon (holding Roxie the Doxie) and Chris

Our "other" family, the smiths. (plus my dad in there... ;) )

Uncle Benji, my BFF

Cooper doing his best zoolander

Brent, Brooke, and Jesse

Uncle Benji and Austin

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