Friday, April 22, 2011

33 weeks

We're sitting pretty at 33 weeks now. Well not so pretty... swollen ankles and all... BUT it is still fun being pregnant! I promise that even through all the complaining and whining that I do, I am still enjoying this process. It has certainly become quite the journey, but all in all has been a fun one. I haven't had too many complications, other than the occasional sciatic pain and high blood pressure, so I am definitely thankful for that. And even on my crappiest day I still feel good every time I feel the little guy kick.

We are not making much headway on the name front. With the stress of buying a home and finishing up my semester at school, we have been pretty preoccupied. Any suggestions are welcome! :)

I just finished up school this week, so I am free for the next 16 weeks to enjoy the last part of my pregnancy and to start making our new house a home including the baby's room, which is going to be my favorite part! Hopefully the house will close escrow next week and we will be moving in by the first of May!

Other than that, I have been working away at PCH. I recently cut my hours to 32 per week which has given me great relief. I have felt my blood pressure decline with each shortened week and am so thankful that I was in the position to take that time off.

Chris is doing well, or at least I think he is. He doesnt show stress the way I do, so its hard to tell whether he is excited or nervous about the Beans impending arrival, but I also think that he is pretty preoccupied with buying the house and getting everything set before the bean actually gets here. I am thankful for him in so many ways, he really does keep me sain and laughing.

Hope you all are well! More pictures to come, including baby shower pictures and some belly pictures! I am getting pretty darn big, so Im sure you will find them entertaining!

Little Bean's Face :)

He is so handsome already! :)

Ultrasound Pictures!!!

Here are some Ultrasound Pictures I have been meaning to post for a while. They are oldies, but goodies. :) These pictures are from the day we found out that the little Bean is a boy. enjoy! :)

20 weeks :)