Friday, May 6, 2011

35 Weeks and counting...

Still hanging in there guys! I am measuring right on schedule and start weekly appointments next week. Hopefully we will get a good idea of how the little guy is measuring up and when we can expect him to arrive next week at our appointment. Dr. said we wont have another ultrasound until week 38, if we make it that far, which is really dissapointing. I really wanted to see him one last time on the screen before he comes into the world all bright and shiny new. I see all of the awesome ultrasound pictures that my friends have of their little ones and am slightly jealous that we haven't gotten a better picture of his cute little face. Keep your fingers crossed for me that maybe I can talk the Doc into doing one early. :)

Still no name. Its pretty sad to not be able to name your child. I am struggling with this big time and have been searching endlessly for the perfect name, which I know is out there. Wish me luck on that front.

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