Friday, December 3, 2010

13 Weeks and 2 Days!

13 Weeks and 1 Day Ultrasound
Well, we went to the Dr. yesterday for a checkup and everything was looking good. We weren't able to hear the little ones heartbeat, which was very disappointing, BUT because of that we did get to see a new picture of the Bean! It was so cute because he/she had the hiccups and was bouncing all crazy. So fun to see it move, it made it really sink in for us that we are going to have a baby and I am not just getting fat. haha! I am starting to show a little, which is exciting, but I bet by Christmas the Bean will have made a dramatic appearance on my waist line. I am attaching a new Ultrasound Picture, and no you cannot see a pee pee of any kind yet, so don't get all crazy peeps! That will have to wait until about 7 weeks from now or so, just so we can be sure. :)
On the very bright side of everything, I no longer have morning sickness, and rarely feel nauseous, so that is a huge plus! I am clumsy, but all of your know that I am not exactly graceful anyway. My jeans are getting tight, as are my bras... just what i need, bigger boobs. But that really is TMI. Hope your holidays are wonderful, and I will update soon with more pictures as I have been promising!


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  1. come on baby sapp flash those privates auntie k needs to know if she's buying pink of blue stuff for you?!?!?!