Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 11 Update

Well we had a Dr. Appointment last week, all is well. No news is good news! I got my flu shot and got cleared for Clinical classes for Nursing school, so that was great. No new pictures I'm afraid. Maybe i should start taking some of myself. Not showing yet, though. I'm sure it will be poking out soon enough though. Morning sickness is getting much better. I hope that it is completely gone soon, so that I can start to enjoy this.
Chris is doing good, I am not sure he knows just what to do yet, but he will get there when he needs to.
So that's about it for now! Hopefully I can get some pictures of us up soon! That way you can see both of our pre-baby bodies, I am sure my cravings are rubbing off on him. Well, maybe not the pickles, but everything else!
Love you guys!

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