Friday, November 25, 2011

Update on my goals!

  1. Join Weight Watchers again. (done - 10/6/11) I am currently down about 10 pounds... Not nearly where I wanted to be at this point, but I will take it.
  2. Exercise more - Do Double Headers of softball on Friday nights and taking the stairs count?? I need to work harder on this one. 
  3. cook more - ACHIEVED!!! I am happy to say that lately I have been in the cooking spirit and have tried out tons of new recipes. :)
  4. keep the house cleaner - EPIC FAIL. Who knew that two adults, one baby, and two dogs could make such a mess?! I swear, I clean and then 5 minutes later we are back to tornado-ville.
  5. get A's in school, because there is no excuse not to. - I have been trying VERY hard with this one. I have gotten A's on most of my assignments, but still struggle with the tests. I am currently sitting at B's for all of my classes, so this goal will probably be a long term one.
  6. Keep Austin active - Man oh man is this kid active. We broke the cardinal rule, or so it seems according to the developmental Dr. and bought him a walker. He absolutely LOVES it. I have never seen him light up with any type of toy like he does with the activity station on this thing. He can easily push the buttons, and squeals with delight when it makes sound for him. I say everything in moderation is good for baby, so what can it hurt?
  7. do things that make me happy - ACHIEVED! I have been taking lots of pictures lately, which is my most favorite thing to do. I met my friend, Tessa's baby for the first time and took some pictures in the backyard with her. They are amazing. I hope I can get permission from Tessa to share some of them with you. Also, did I mention I QUIT my job... BEST decision I have ever made.
  8. Learn to sew with Michonne - This goal needs some serious work. I'm so sorry Meesh. I really do think about this one a lot, but we all know where too much thinking and not enough doing gets us.... However, I have been doing some hand sewing and no-sew projects, so I am feeling slightly accomplished. :)
  9. Be a better wife and a better friend - only my husband and friends can say whether this one is getting done, but I really have tried to be there for some friends that seemed to need me lately. And if I haven't called or talked to some of you in a while, it really isn't because I don't love you too... PROMISE.
  10. Volunteer more with Nursing school and in the community. - I am volunteering in the background right now, meaning I haven't gotten to go to any events lately. This one needs work too. I have been collecting donations for a "baby shower" that my school is doing for some mothers to be that are currently homeless or not able to afford clothing and things that they will need for their babies. Austin was blessed with so many gifts of clothing that I thought it would be good to pass some of them on to someone who needs them right now rather than stow them away in the garage. (Don't worry though, I kept our favorites.)
Well there is your goal update... ;)

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