Monday, September 12, 2011

Worky Work

Well, after last week being the first week back to work, you would think that I would have a new perspective on just how hard it is to be a parent, especially a working, full time student, parent. And you would be absolutely right. I have never been so tired.
I suppose the good news is that because of some babysitter issues, Chris and I decided that I can just stay home and go to school rather than have to juggle all three. We aren't hurting for the money because my school loans give us a little extra to live on, and I was really only working for benefits. I did decide that I would like to stay on a PRN basis, which in the healthcare world means as needed. I told them I would commit to one weekend a month and try to pick up more shifts as I was able to. Hopefully I will hear back soon about that. The thing with wanting to stay in a PRN position is I want to keep my foot in the door for when I graduate Nursing school. Hopefully that will make it easier for me to get a job there if I want to.
My Parents were AH-MAY-ZING this weekend. They came all the way from Blythe just to watch Austin while Chris and I both worked. I think they had a great time, though, so maybe it didn't feel so much like babysitting. :) Austin loves them so much already, I can tell.

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