Saturday, September 3, 2011

One month Shots

I don't LOVE all of these pictures, and am sad because I had to scan them in to share them with you all. The CD was outrageously expensive, which surprised us because it was the same company from the hospital. ANYWAY... enjoy!
He has already grown so much! 

He has this little devious smirk that reminds everyone of Mommy. :)

My sleeping angel.

Best friends, from NICU to home. 

One of the whole family. Chris hates this shot because the flash made him look bald... 
He has a ton of hair peeps, I promise! 

I LOVE this picture... It shows all of my emotions in such a simple, beautiful shot. 

Tiny baby feet! I love that we got this shot of his "club foot" before it was fully corrected. 
There is beauty in everything god creates. 

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