Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Sapp :)

Here it is! I say "it" because I keep getting in trouble for calling it a "he." And no mom, if it is a "he," it cannot wear a dress. :) I think Chris and dad will agree.
This is an 8 week ultrasound taken last week to determine a due date. We were off in our estimates and now have the due date of June 8th! :) So Excited to have a summer baby!


  1. this is so exciting i can't wait to see the progress! hello baby bean sappling its auntie k just saying howdy can't wait to see you!
    ps for a second i thought you were ahving twins cause it says sapplings emphasis on the s
    love ya!

  2. No, No... No twins... No way. Haha We're happy with one lil bean to spoil for now. :) I just thought we would leave room for more should the time ever come. :)

  3. Yay Sappling. Um, I havent seen the doctor yet, but we are guestimating June 24th for ours. How freaking awesome is it that our kids will be close in birthdays just like we are close in birthdays?! Love it!

  4. I know Laura! Its one of the first things i thought of when i found out that you were expecting! Sooo Happy for you! :)